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NOP Presents The Mandalorian

It's been a few months since the ending of Season 2, so now it's time for our Mandalorian deep dive! Joining me to discuss all things Star Wars are experts Chris Lloyd, Kitten McCreary, DJ Fink, and Ryan Bond. My outcast for this episode is the wonderful Smyra Rady...a deeply knowledgeable Star Trek fan whom hasn't dabbled much in Star Wars. We spend some time trying to identify what it means to be a Dave Filoni show. Then we examine the various characters and episodes, and whether there might be too much fan service. We discuss Star Wars lore, and make our best guesses about the future of Mando and the expanding Star Wars universe. We also examine how Star Wars is different on TV vs the Big Screen! As with all things Star Wars, we have a lot to say, so sit down, and give us a listen. This is the way.

Music Selections from The Mandalorian, composed by Ludwig Goransson, owned by Disney and is included under fair use protection.



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