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NOP Presents Final Fantasy 8

Posted on July 26th, 2017

On this episode of NOP, we chat about Squaresoft's divisive Final Fantasy 8. I like to call this the reverse podcast, as for once I bring on several Final Fantasy Fans who all dislike this game...and only a few who enjoy it! My experts this time around are Gavin Donnellan, John Loos, Bill Nielsen, Nik Eisenbarth, John Tyberghein, Jeremy Kanne and myself. With so many fans on...we easily have a 2 hour discussion on sorcerecesses, gunblades, and time compression. Does the junction system ruin the game, or is it a brilliant innovation? Are the dungeons too repetitive? And how does Final Fantasy 8 hold up to its massively successful predecessor? We chat all this and more (Laguna) on this insightful episode.

Music Selections included from the Final Fantasy 8 OST by Nobuo Uematsu, owned by Square Enix and included under fair use protection.