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NOP Presents Quantum Leap

Posted on May 8th, 2017

The smooth jazz of the 80's takes us on a journey as we chat about Quantum Leap. Joining me for this discussion are Pete Navis and Kitten McCreary-Navis in Los Angeles, along with Smyra Yawn (of Spiel Chicago podcast.) I serve as outcast because, for some reason, I missed the leaping adventures of Scott Bakula. So how does Quantum Leap set itself apart from other science-fiction shows of the time? How is Bakula as Sam Beckett? What about his partner, Al (played by Dean Stockwell.) Can the show be remade for today's audience? And what about that abrupt ending!? We chat all this and more on this great episode.

Music Selections included from The Quantum Leap Soundtrack by Mike Post, owned by GNP Crescendo and included under fair use protection.