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NOP Presents Storytelling in Videogames

Posted on March 22nd, 2017

In this exploratory episode, we chat about the execution and effectiveness of storytelling in video games! Joining me for this fantastic discussion are videogame nerds Pete Foos, Gavin Donnellan, and Orion Couling. Given the depth of the topic, and all of our individual angles, there is not an outcast. We chat about the stories that really moved us, along with what makes a good story. Do games have an inherint advantage over films? Does it all come down to voice acting and cinematics? Do role playing games lay the groundwork for the most enthralling stories? We chat all this and more on this indepth episode!

Music Selections included from Mass Effect by Jack Wall, Diablo by Matt Uelmen, Chrono Trigger by Yasanori Mitsuda , Mortal Kombat Main Theme by Dan Forden, and Final Fantasy VIII by Nobua Uematsu. All are selections are included under fair use protection.