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NOP Presents Super Mario 35th Anniversary

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This year marks Super Mario's 35th anniversary, and Christian Missonak, T Scott Ross, Dan Schiffmacher, and myself do a deep dive into the OG gaming mascot that saved an industry and forged a path ahead. We take a look back at the original Super Mario Bros, and discuss whether the plucky plumber mascot was truly needed. We discuss his most influential games, his hardest levels, and his best power ups. We examine his jaunts into other types of gaming, from kart racing to tactical shooters. And eventually, we discuss his future.  It's a massive episode, covering a lot of ground between Super Mario Brothers and the most recent Odyssey, so sit back and enjoy!


Music Selections from Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Brothers 2, and Super Mario 3D World composed by Koji Kondo, owned by Nintendo and are included under fair use protection.

NOP Presents Star Wars Prequels

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It's a big discussion on NOP today as we discuss George Lucas's much maligned Star Wars Prequels.  For this discussion, we change things up a bit and attempt to discuss what the Prequels do well.  And surprisingly enough, Ricky Galore, David Hernandez, Mark Rosenthal, and myself talk for an hour and a half about all things Anakin, Obi-Wan, and Midichlorians.  Which movie has the best story? Is Dexter Jettster the best new character? Which lightsaber is the coolest? And what, if anything, would we change about these movies?  Some of these questions are quickly answered...others turn into a deep dive.  But you know what, it's always a fun time discussing Star Wars! So give us a listen and enjoy.

Music Selections from The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith, composed by John Williams, owned by 20th Century Fox and are included under fair use protection.


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We tackle the entirety of the Legend of Zelda franchise in this deep dive episode! Zelda is a mainstay of the gaming industry, and joining me for the discussion on all things Hyrule are John Loos, Dan Schiffmacher, Jeremy Kanne, and Christian Missonak. We answer the big questions...who's the best character NOT named Link, Ganon, or Zelda? What weapon is the best? (NOT counting the Master Sword) Does the series work better in 2D or 3D? Which dungeons are the best...and which are the worst? And what's our top 5 games in the franchise?  We chat all this and more on this epic episode!

Music Selections from A Link to the Past, Ocarina of Time, Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword, and Breath of the Wild, composed by Koji Kondo, owned by Nintendo and is included under fair use protection.

NOP Presents Animal Crossing

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In this time of pandemic, we take a break and fly away to a relaxing discussion about all things Animal Crossing. Joining me for this discussion are Christian Missonak and Justin Harner. I serve double duty as both Host and Outcast since I've never played this series before. We chat about Animal Crossing's humble beginnings, and compare it to other "Living Life" games like the Sims, Harvest Moon, and Rune Factory. Which game in the series is the best? What was so special about the 3DS entry, New Leaf? If someone hasn't every play Animal Crossing before...where should they start? And finally...what expectations do we have about New Horizons?  We chat all this and more on this mini-vacation of an join us on an island far...far away!

Music Selections from Animal Crossing and Animal Crossings: New Horizons, composed by Kazumi Tokata and Yasuaki Iwata, owned by Nintendo and is included under fair use protection.

NOP Presents Clone Wars and Rebels

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We tackle not one but two major Star Wars shows in this great episode....Clone Wars and Rebels.  Joining me for this deep television dive are Pete Navis, Ryan Bond, and Patrick Sweetman. We discuss the evolution of both shows, and how they compare and contrast with each other. We talk Dave Filoni and what makes a show of his distinct. Is Ahsoka the best character, or are we more interested in Ezra and Kanan? Are we excited for the upcoming return of Clone Wars, or is The Mandalorian more our cup of tea? We even touch on Star Wars Resistance and chat about the newly announced High Republic.  SO there's a LOT to unpack in this massive episode...enjoy!

Music Selections from Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels, composed by Kevin Kiner, owned by Lucasfilm and Disney and is included under fair use protection.


NOP Presents Breath of the Wild

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It's a massive episode today as we finally tackle the latest, and perhaps greatest Zelda game of them all...Breath of the Wild.  All hands are on deck as T Scott Ross, Christian Missonak, Matt Young, Gavin Donnellan, Jeremy Kanne, Bill Nielsen, and John Loos join me in this discussion. We look at the merits and flaws of Nintendo's latest Zelda game.  We chat characters, favorite shrines, best moments, favorite monsters, best music....SO much to unpack!  Did the game live up to expectations? Is there anything that needs to be fixed? And where does Nintendo go next? We chat all this and more on the spectacular episode.

Music Selections from Breath of the Wild, composed by Koji Kondo, owned by Nintendo and is included under fair use protection.

NOP Presents Rise of Skywalker

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Now that a few weeks have passed, its time for NOP to discuss our thoughts and feelings and finally examine the final chapter of the Star Wars Saga...Episode IX,  The Rise of Skywalker. Joining me for this big, beautiful, messy discussion are Jake Ynzunza, DJ Fink, and Crispy (Chris Lloyd.) What's starts as a review of the film, however, easily spins out into a bigger discussion about the state of Star Wars and its' fans, the future of the series, and the biggest mistakes and successes. We chat about Disney + and the potential of that service for the property, examine the Skywalker Saga as a whole, and wonder what's next for a Galaxy Far, Far Away. Much like The Rise of Skywalker, our discussion is a messy, referential tribute to Star Wars itself. Enjoy!


Music Selections from The Rise of Skywalker, composed by John Williams, owned by Walt Disney Company and is included under fair use protection.


NOP Presents Star Trek Discovery

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On this episode of NOP, we chat about the most recent addition to the Star Trek TV Universe...Star Trek Discovery. My experts this time around are Ryan Bond and Dylan Schaefer, whom are joined by outcasts Dominic Cianciolo and myself! We chat about the rights and wrongs of this newest version of Star Trek...and whether or not it carries on Gene Roddenberry's legacy. We talk about Star Trek conventions...and whether Trek itself is slowly dying. We discuss where should the series go....and what changes we would love to see in Discovery itself. We chat Vulcuns, starships, wormholes, Picard, and so much more!

Music Selection from Star Trek Discovery, composed by Jeff Russo, owned by CBS and is included under fair use protection.

NOP Presents Good Omens

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We finally tackle the collaborative effort of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman...Good Omens. My guests this time include Byron Hatfield, Rob Shumate, Zach Muhn, and Peter Foos. We have two outcasts for this discussion....myself (whom has never read the book) and Pete Navis....whom doesn't think very highly of it.  Needless to say, our discussion turns into passionate defensive of the novel and its writers as we dissect this benchmark book. We discuss which parts of the story best represent each writer....and what makes the story stand the test of time. We chat about what was gained in the translation to television...and what was lost.  Is this the best work of each author? We discuss all this and much more!

Music Selections from Good Omens and Ladyhawke, composed by David Arnold and Andrew Powell respectively, owned by Amazon and La La Land Records and are included under fair use protection.


NOP Presents Final Fantasy IX

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Final Fantasy VIII just got a recent remaster, and next year we get the glorious looking Final Fantasy VII we decided it was a great time to chat about Final Fantasy IX! My RPG lovers this time around are Gavin Donnellan, Andrew Babcock, John Loos, Jeremy Kanne, and T Scott Ross. The last entry in the original Playstation trilogy, Final Fantasy IX was heralded as a "return to form" for the famous franchise. But is the game really as good as we remember? Does it hold up, or are one of it's older siblings a better game? We chat about characters, summons, and villains on this classic focused episode! (We also seriously hate on

Music Selections from Final Fantasy IX, composed by Nobuo Uematsu, owned by Square Enix and are included under fair use protection.


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