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Nerd Outcast Podcast Presents Dungeons and Dragons

Posted on July 21st, 2014

We gather a large crew on mic to discuss the tabletop phenomenon that is Dungeons and Dragons.  My experts on all things DnD are Patrick Sweetman, Stephan Scalabrino, Ryan Bond, and Rob Shumate.  My outcasts this episode are DJ Fink and Matt Young.  We spend some time running through the history of DnD and our personal experiences, then my outcasts proceed to hijack the conversation with intense curiosity.  Why do we play?  What kind of worlds and characters do we prefer?  And more importantly, what does the future hold for Gary Gygax's fantastic creation? Listen and find out!

Music provided by Howard Shore's Fellowship of the Ring Soundtrack, owned by New Line Cinema and is included under fair use protection.  
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