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NOP Chats Fallout

Posted on May 1st, 2019

Nerd Outcast is back, and we are chatting about the video game series Fallout! Joining me for the post-apocalyptic discussion are Sean Okerberg, Zach Muhn, Peter Foos, and Andrew Babcock. Since I've never played this series, I happily step in as outcast. We discuss the history of the series, and what sets it apart from other major RPGs. We dive into the specific games, and try to glean which one is the best (its either Fallout 3 or New Vegas...we can't decide.) Then we chat about the missteps of Fallout 76, and where the games should go from here. It's a great discussion about a series certainly worth it. Give it a listen!


Music Selections from Fallout 3 and 4, composed by Inon Zur, owned by Betheseda Softworks and is included under fair use protection.



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