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NOP Chats Smash Bros Ultimate

Posted on December 18th, 2018

Its the final podcast of 2018! Christmas is just around the corner, and a new Smash Bros game has been released! We bring Nintendo Nerds together across the biggest cities in the US...Los Angeles and Chicago and New discuss the game. This all star panel includes Scott Ross, Thom Brown, Jeremy Kanne, Gavin Donnellan, Christian Missonak, and Dan Schiffmacher. From East Coast to West Coast, we chat about the history of the Smash Bros franchise and how its changed along the way. We chat about our first experiences with Smash 64, to the Melee competitive scene, and the disappointment of Brawl. Then we talk about Ultimate...and where it stands in the grand pantheon. We discuss our favorite characters, stages, music, features, and so much more! So on your trip home for the holidays, stay safe, stay warm, and if you have time...give us a listen!

Music Selections from Super Smash Bros Ultimate, owned by Nintendo and is included under fair use protection.


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