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NOP Chats with The MEGAS

Posted on March 20th, 2019

Welcome back! Its been a few months since our host moved across the country, and we return with a fun episode. We previously had a discussion on our show about the Mega Man rock group, The Megas. After our episode, the band reached out and now we have them on mic with us! Sitting down with myself and Jeremy Kanne are Josh and Eric from the Megas! We chat about how they create their music, which songs are their favorite, and which were the hardest to create. We discuss the challenges they faced adapting chip tune music, and whether the original compositions hold up on their own. And of course, we get their opinions about the games themselves....hardest boss, coolest boss, worst stages, and much more. 

Music Selections from Get Equipped, History Repeating Parts 1 and 2, and Mega Man 3, owned by The Megas and Capcom respectively and included under fair use protection. 

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