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NOP Presents Bioshock

Posted on April 1st, 2016

On this massive episode of NOP, we tackle the sci-fi shooter series Bioshock.  My experts include Ryan Bond, Orion Couling, Christian Missonak, Zach Muhn, and newcomer Iris Kohler.  My outcasts for this episode are myself and friend Alex Goodman.  We spend a good hour and a half debating the merits of all three Bioshock games!  What's the history and connection to System Shock?  How is Andrew Ryan as a antagonist?  Where did Bioshock 2 falter?  And is Bioshock Infinite the best in the series?  We discuss all this and more!  (We also apologize in advance.  We had some technical issues recording, so the sound quality is limited.)

Music Selections provided by Gary Schyman's Bioshock 1, 2, & Infinite scores, owned by Take-Two Interactive and provided under fair use protection.
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