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NOP Presents Rise of Skywalker

Posted on January 7th, 2020

Now that a few weeks have passed, its time for NOP to discuss our thoughts and feelings and finally examine the final chapter of the Star Wars Saga...Episode IX,  The Rise of Skywalker. Joining me for this big, beautiful, messy discussion are Jake Ynzunza, DJ Fink, and Crispy (Chris Lloyd.) What's starts as a review of the film, however, easily spins out into a bigger discussion about the state of Star Wars and its' fans, the future of the series, and the biggest mistakes and successes. We chat about Disney + and the potential of that service for the property, examine the Skywalker Saga as a whole, and wonder what's next for a Galaxy Far, Far Away. Much like The Rise of Skywalker, our discussion is a messy, referential tribute to Star Wars itself. Enjoy!


Music Selections from The Rise of Skywalker, composed by John Williams, owned by Walt Disney Company and is included under fair use protection.


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