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NOP Presents The Lord of the Rings

Posted on August 6th, 2018

We're back from a vacation, and we are discussing the heaviest fantasy series out there...The Lord of the Rings. My experts this round include Mark Rosenthal, Stephan Scalabrino, Sean Okerberg, and Pete Navis. We chat about the history of Tolkien as a writer, and the calling cards of his works. We then discuss the differences between the books and the films. Which characters were our favorite? Would we recommend the books vs the movies? And if The Lord of the Rings existed as a show...what form would it take? We chat all this, and even the evolution of motion capture, on this fantastical episode.

Music Selections from The Lord of the Rings Score, composed by Howard Shore, owned by New Line Cinema and included under fair use protection.


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