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NOP Presents the Villains of Final Fantasy

Posted on August 20th, 2018

Hello Fantasy Friends, we are back! We previously discussed the heroes of Final today we chat about the villains. My guests this time include Gavin Donnellan, John Tyberghein, and T Scott Ross. Much like last time, we start with the villain of Final Fantasy I (Garland) and work our way up to Final Fantasy XV. How does each generation of games treat their villains (NES vs SNES vs PS2...) Which villains are the true standouts, and which need some serious work? We also chat about some of the more notable sub bosses and henchmen...and how Final Fantasy has evolved the art of storytelling in gaming. Its a truly insightful give it a listen!

Music Selections from Final Fantasy VI, VIII, X, and XII OSTs, all composed by Nobuo Uematsu, owned by Square Enix and included under fair use protection.

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