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NOP Stories Presents 80s Cartoons

Posted on October 30th, 2018

NOP Host Chris Bashen recently relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles...but before leaving, he recorded a series of nerdy topics with some of his best guests and friends......

Stephan Scalabrino and DJ Fink join me on the mic to wax about the cartoons of the 80s: GI Joe, Transformers, and ThunderCats. We chat about which show had the best toys, which had the best heroes and villains, and which show holds up the best. Conveniently, we each LOVE one of these each cartoon gets time to shine! We also discuss how the shows rank to one another, and some of our favorite episodes. Needless to say...its a long but fun trip through the best animation of the 80s!

Music Selection from the GI Joe the Movie, Transformers the Movie, and ThunderCats owned by Marvel Productions, Scotti Bros. Records, and Warner Bros Productions respectively, and are included under fair use protection.


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