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NOP Stories Presents Being a Nerd Parent

Posted on November 5th, 2018

NOP Host Chris Bashen recently relocated from Chicago to Los Angeles...but before leaving, he recorded a series of nerdy topics with some of his best guests and friends......

Ryan Bond joins me on mic to talk about being a nerd...and a parent. I've recently become a father myself, and the two of us chat about the trials and tribulations of raising children in this new digital, social media age. How do we hope to pass on our favorite nerdy properties to our children? Are some of our favorite geeky properties too stuck in the past to be enjoyed today? How did our own parents influence our taste growing up? Can we expect to have the same influence, and if so, what nerdy things do we cherish most that we hope our chidlren will love? We chat all this, and being a woke parent in this increasingly digital age on this fantastic episode!

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