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The Nerd Outcast Podcast presents The Last Starfighter

Posted on October 15th, 2014

Greetings Starfighter!  On this episode, we discuss the 80's B-movie The Last Starfighter.  My experts this week include Stephan Scalabrino, Kitten McCreery, and Clint Worthington.  My outcast is newcomer Brad Rady...whom we try real hard to sell on the greatness of this film. it great?  Is The Last Starfighter just a B- Star Wars?  Do we love it as much as we thought we did?  (Well...Robert Preston is pretty great!)  We discuss all of this and more on this great episode!

Music selections provided by Craig Safan's The Last Starfighter Main Theme, owned by Intrada Music and is included under fair use protection.
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